Duskwood MOD APK v1.10.12 Free Download (Unlocked All Episodes) for Android

Duskwood MOD APK v1.10.12 Free Download (Unlocked All Episodes) for Android
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Solve Mysterious and Criminal Cases to play as a detective in the Duskwood MOD APK. It is an exciting and missing characters game where your mission is to find the characters of your team. It is based on detective movies and detective novels and most of the missions create suspense while playing the game. In Duskwood APK, you will play as the members of the secret investigation characters and find the kidnapped children and people.

Duskwood APK

While playing the game, you will get the different genres that attract and engage the players with the game such as tension, Action, Horror, mystery, and criminal activities. All the weapons you will get from the Army team that is very important in this game. There are many people who find those games where they would get the suspense and interest with the exciting features and premium weapons. You can download Duskwood APK on your Android & IOS Devices from Apktyre.com.

Duskwood MOD APK

Duskwood MOD APK is the Premium and Modified version of the original Duskwood game but it has some additional features that are suitable for all Android and IOS Devices. Duskwood APK has the Initiative User-Friendly interface without any Ads and security issues. The Amazing place and investigation places are encircled by a thick forest, which seems so terrifying to everyone; it undoubtedly instills fear in everyone’s thoughts. 

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Duskwood MOD APK

Interesting & Mysterious Story

A very interesting, reliable, and accurate story of the game. The story is based on Criminal activities such as Kidnapping, Snatching, murders, etc. In this story, there are 4 friends set on a journey to historical and horror places and a terrorist attack on the 4 friends in which 2 boys and 2 girls and one is your character.

The Terrorist kill two friends(1 boy and 1 girl) and kidnaped a girl whose name is Hannah Your Character is the last person who saves from which one is them. It is the real story that is placed in the Duskwood game which is very attractive. Due to the absence of standard romance and drama themes, Duskwood MOD APK is a unique game. Finding clues, speaking with the victim’s friends, analyzing the clues, and attempting to identify the murderer are all part of this game.

Duskwood MOD APK Download

The Attractive and Amazing Gameplay

The Amazing gameplay of Duskwood MOD APK is where you will find the lost character(Hannah) because you will play as a criminal investigator and you have a lot of weapons and items that would be needed. In this gameplay, your mission is to find the kidnapped girl and save your city from the terrorist. While playing the game you will visit many historical, horror, interesting, and mysterious places to complete different missions. Each of the missions contains different criminal activities that depend on you and what type of activity would you choose for playing the game.

The stage takes the shape of a messaging service, and since your phone number appeared in Hannah’s previous message, a character has already actively contacted you. You will get the message of the game in your Mobile text because it is an online game where you will play as an Investigator because other people play this game to make a terrorist. If you choose the terrorist mode, then your mission in this game is to kill innocent people and do criminal activities according to your interest and temperaments.

Duskwood MOD APK Mysterious Cases

Features of Duskwood MOD APK

Make Decision(Select Mode)

It is the First and most beneficial feature of this game where you will select the mode because this game provides you with both modes(detective and terrorist). If you are interested to do criminal activities then you need to choose terrorist mode otherwise, detective mode is beneficial for you because in this you have the favor from the army and get the equipment that you need to play this game.

Improve your Intelligence Skill

Intelligence is very important in every field of life. If you are intelligent, play duskwood mod apk and increase your intelligence to complete the detective missions and you will know what should be the better in some situations. The game is designed for those players who are interested in intelligence and detective tips and tricks. It is based on the stories of different movies and detective novels that make suspense while playing the game.

duskwood MOD APK gameplay

Spy Mode

Spy mode is the very exciting feature of this game in which you are able to read the messages and call to visit the headquarters and read the public talks and take part in public activities to target the suspects. It is the paid features that are in the premium and modified versions of the games but doesn’t worry, it is free for all our users.

Profile Component To Examine

Check all Social Media profiles and all the old criminal records of the victims. If anything is Common on the Criminal records ad victim’s records then you are very close to solving the mission. It is the feature of the Duskwood game that will properly guide you about all the cases and provides you with the best way to solve the missions. It is the Premium feature that is only in the paid game but in the modded version of Duskwood apk you can use this feature for free on your Android and IOS Devices.

Amazing Crime Places

While Playing the game you will visit the fantastic places where haunted houses, street crimes, and other types of criminal activities perform by dangerous terrorists. There are many people who visit those places but are kidnapped by terrorists and your mission is to find those people to make a detective. There are different places where you will perform your tasks such as Haunted houses, Old and Historical sites, Gangrenous woods, and many other dangerous and beautiful places in the Duskwood MOD apk.

Duskwood Mysterious Story APK

Accept & Deline the Calls

In Duskwood MOD APK, you will play a Detective and solve the cases. While Solving the case, you will get calls from the terrorist and challenges to find themselves and leave the innocent people. If you will reject the call then they will kill a person and your game point will lower on each death of an innocent person.

Experience the Character

Duskwood Download

It is an interesting feature of this game that you can get the experience with all characters such as You can make a Driver, Pizza Delivery boy, Shopkeeper, Salesman, and other common characters you will make to solve the cases. When the knowledge slowly comes together, you’ll be able to understand what’s happening. At the exact same time, you can respond to these characters by choosing one of the game’s suggested dialogue options.


How to Play Mini Games in Duskwood MOD APK?

If you feel boredom while playing the game then you have the chance to play the mini to remove your boredom and get the extra excitement. There are over 10 Plus games in Duskwood that you play free of cost without any restrictions.

How Much time is required to play Each Mission of this Game?

You much required 1 hour to complete the first mission where you will save Hannah from the terrorist. In all the other styles, there is no more time required mostly will be completed in just 20 minutes.

How many Episodes are in this game?

There are 9 Episodes launched by Duskwood. Now, the players wait for Episode 10 of the Duskwood game. You will play all the episodes from our Modded version of this game.

When is Duskwood episode 10 coming out?

When Duskwood Episode 10 Coming Out in the market that will be automatically updated in the Duskwood MOD APK. If you are a new player then you need to complete the first 9 episodes of this game.

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Final Verdicts

The horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Duskwood is set in a small town called Darks Burg, which is being terrorized by a serial killer. You will play a detective who is trying to solve the case. The game is full of suspense and you will never know what is going to happen next. The graphics are amazing and the atmosphere is very creepy. If you are a fan of horror games, then you will definitely enjoy Duskwood.