KWGT Pro APK v3.73 Free Kustom Widget [MOD] For Android

KWGT Pro APK v3.73 Free Kustom Widget [MOD] For Android
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Kwgt Pro APK is the Free Premium Kustom widget Creator App for Android devices that allows users to customize their phones’ home screen and lock screen with the stunningly beautiful design widget. The Pro version is suitable for all users because it contains the premium feature and allows users to customize their wants. You can adjust everything on your home screen and even data display in a visually appealing manner. Moreover, KWGT Pro enables users to design and create customized digital and analog clocks, live map widgets, weather widgets, text widgets, battery or memory meters, music players, world clocks, astronomy widgets, and more.

Kwgt is the Free Kustom Widget App developed by Kustom, but in the free version, you can’t use all the fantastic features that make your phone look gorgeous. You can do anything with your mobile home and lock screen using the pro version, providing a stunning look. Don’t worry; you can download kwgt pro apk from this website free of cost. Now, Install and give the new face to your devices.

Features of Kwgt Pro APK

Add Multiple Widgets

You can add multiple widgets on your home screen in different styles. By using all gadgets, kwgt pro auto adjusts the places to add a new widget, and it can small the size of the device if you add multiple widgets on your lock and home screen. Moreover, you can add and create the widget for all apps and games you already use on your Android devices.

Use Text & Fonts

Kwgt pro apk allows the users to create widgets if they don’t like to use mobile gadgets. KWGT offers various visual elements, including text with custom fonts, colors, sizes, and effects. Users can add shapes like ovals, rectangles, arcs, triangles, and more. Just add the background image and use the variety of text and different font styles on your widget, and you can also write a quote on it. Make your Image blurry and saturated quickly.

Change Wallpaper Text

In the Pro version, you can change the text of your custom wallpaper designed by mobile companies. All Android devices have different wallpapers from which you can choose anyone, but some people want to do some changes to the wallpapers that you can edit through kwgt pro apk. Indeed, KWGT Kustom Widget Maker can add exciting sayings or text to your background wallpaper, providing an additional layer of personalization to your Android device’s home screen or lock screen.

Status Bar Notification

It is the fantastic feature of this app that provides users to see notifications without any worry. Users can also add the notification status bar on their home screen and the lock screen of all apps in a widget. You can check all the messages through this app without opening the desired app on mobile phones. If you want to get Free FF Unlimited Diamonds, Download United Mod Lt and achieve Free Fire diamonds with more features.

3D Images Transformation

With this fantastic app, you can adjust the 3D images on your home and lock the screen of your Android devices. It allows the users to create 3D images without using a third-party 3D Image Converter. It is a free feature, but if you download it from this website, you can get it free of cost because it is the modded and pro version that must contain free premium features.

Reshape Your Widgets

You can also reshape your already-designed widget on mobile phones. Different Mobile devices show the widget in various styles and shapes. KWGT PRO APK can reshape and restyle the built-in widget, and you can set what you want. Use gorgeous elements in your style with this app. All the elements are unlocked and accessible to all users.

Set Day & Time Schedule

It is a feature suitable for those who are very busy and do all their work according to the proper routines and follow schedule. Then, this app helps the users to set a plan of day and time. Add the weekly timetable on your home screen and lock screen to remember anything you will set in the schedule.

Choose Already Customized Widgets

If you are not creating your widget and don’t know about the design, then kwgt pro app enables you to download already customized devices that you can download and set on your desired screens. Many types of designed widgets are available in this app, and all are updated weekly. You can get new design widgets every week.

Intuitive Controls and UI Interface

Kwgt Pro has intuitive touch controls and a User-Friendly interface that enables every beginner user to use this app easily without any problem. Very Simple and Reliable touch controls, and all the control describe their user. It’s not enough rather, all the color schemes of this app attract you and other users. All the rules and buttons are 100% Working; if any error occurs, it will update automatically.


What is KWGT Kustom Widget?

KWGT Kustom Widget is an Android app that allows users to design and customize their own widgets for the home screen or lock screen. It provides a powerful and flexible interface to create personalized widgets with various elements such as text, images, shapes, weather information, battery status, and more.

Can I import pre-made widget designs in KWGT Kustom Widget?

Yes, KWGT supports importing pre-made widget designs created by other users. These pre-made designs are often shared as “presets” or “komponents.”

Does KWGT Pro APK drain my battery?

KWGT PRO Kustom Widget APK doesn’t consume much battery, as it’s a lightweight app.

Final Verdicts

While KWGT Kustom Widget is a lightweight app and doesn’t consume significant battery resources, complex and data-intensive widgets created using it might impact battery life, especially if they frequently update with dynamic content. The latest version updates all the features, but you will get a future update. If you Open Auto Update Option, you don’t need to correct it. You will get the new feature in the future update that will be updated in this article. If you have any questions about this app, then please get in touch with us. We will try to notify you as soon as possible.