Aliucord APK MOD v1.0.9 Download Free For Android

Aliucord APK MOD v1.0.9 Download Free For Android
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Aliucord APK is an instant volp messaging app for Android and the modded version of the discord app. Send messages and files from one place to another without any data restriction. This app has all the discord functions, but some modifications and additional features make this app unique. Those features are locked and paid for in the free Discord app in Aliucord apk. You can almost send enormous files, Videos, Audio, Documents, Zip files, and all the data. Don’t worry; your data privacy will be maintained, and transfer data will be without any security issues. It is a modded app and safe from all the hacking and malware which can harm your data.

Download Aliucord APK from with its modded features and complete fledge data security. It is a free app; all the features are unlocked, and the extra features alert the users to use this app. It is a lightweight app and suitable for all smartphones and tablets. There is no location restriction issue you will face in this app. Users can easily use this app from any part of the world and send data from one to another.

Features of Aliucord APK

This app has similar features to discord app and also additional modded features. The APK File is a combination of all the features. Now, users can use this app and their favorite features.

Hide Contact

Users can hide contacts from the list with all messages and old chats. It is the modded features that does not in the original app. Hide references and protect with passwords like patterns, digits, etc. If you forget your password, then you can reset it easily by interesting the login password of the app.

Use Emojis and Stickers

That is impossible if we talk about the messaging app and skip the emojis and sticker feature. There is a vast collection of a variety of emojis and stickers you can use in this app and send any to its contact and use in the comments. You can use these during the messages and share your thoughts in the emojis. Different emojis show different thoughts and ideas to their viewers. There are many sticker collections containing animals, humans, birds, etc. Some of the funny stickers are also available for the users.

Enhanced Voice Quality

Aliucord APK could implement advanced audio codecs and server optimization techniques to provide more precise and crisper voice quality during voice calls and group chats. This improvement can lead to better communication, reduced lag, and a more enjoyable user experience, especially in busy or large voice channels.

Video Quality & Resolution Option

The app might offer options to adjust video quality and resolution during video calls and streaming, accommodating users with varying internet connections and device capabilities. This ensures everyone can participate in video chats comfortably without sacrificing the overall experience.

Server Creation and Management

Aliucord Apk users can create their own servers, like dedicated spaces for communities or interest groups. Server administrators have various controls and customization options to effectively manage the server and its members.

Push Notification

The Aliucord app sends push notifications to inform users about new messages, mentions, or server activities, even when the app is not actively open. You can also use bluecord apk and get an amazing discord premium features.

Security & Privacy

It has features like two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance account security, and users can manage their privacy settings to control who can send them friend requests or direct messages.

Faqs of Aliucord APK

Are there any age restrictions on Aliucord?

Yes, users must be at least 13 years old to use Discord. Users between 13 and 17 are subject to additional safety features to comply with COPPA Regulations.

How do I change my Aliucord username or profile picture?

To change your username or profile picture, click on the gear icon next to your profile name, go to “My Account,” and edit your username or upload a new profile picture.

How do I create an Aliucord server?

To create a server, open Discord, click on the “+” button next to “Servers” on the left sidebar, and then select “Create a Server.” Follow the prompts to customize your server and invite members.

Final Verdicts

Aliucord is a versatile and popular VoIP and instant messaging platform initially designed for gamers but has evolved into a communication hub for various communities. With its comprehensive features, aliucord enables users to communicate effectively through voice calls, video calls, and text messaging in individual and group settings. If you have any questions, then get in touch with us. We will try to notify you as soon as possible.