Download Threema APK v5.0.6 MOD (Free Premium, Patched Unlocked)

Download Threema APK v5.0.6 MOD (Free Premium, Patched Unlocked)
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Threema is one of the best secure and private messenger apps that provide you access to send messages, text, voice mail, and many more with full of encryption. Messages save from all unknown people and use end-to-end encryption expect the state of the art and instant messages. It is an app that is protected from hackers and especially develops for the share private messages with a lot of security features.

Chat Anonymously: No Phone Number Required

There is no need to require a phone number for the signup on this app. Chat anonymously with every unknown person and share data privately without any security and viral issues. Not only phone numbers but also email is not required while creating an account on threema apk.

There is no need to require a phone number for the signup on this app. Just create your ID with only your Name and get the App ID. If any person will send you messages then shows your ID to others.

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Use Threema Web for Desktop Connection

There are most people who use the messenger app on their desktops but don’t get full access. Threema Apk provides its users access to use this app on a desktop. Threema Web is the Latest feature that will help you to connect to the web server with QR Code. Several Threema IDs contain unique QR codes and you can connect with the web servers to scan the code.

Just go to the web threema website and scan the code with three built-in scanners. After the scan, all the message and layout of this app shows on the web desktop. You can use every web browser for a desktop connection.

Change Themes, Fonts, and Layout

Thousands of Magical Themes and hundreds of fonts you can use for the customization of the app. All the themes and font styles are unlocked for all the users and you can do full of customization according to your taste and temperaments.

Moreover, every user has the ability to change the layout and adjust what they want. Every update of this app provides new themes, font styles, and layouts free of cost but in which some themes and fonts are paid for. Don’t worry, if you download TFhreema APK from our website then you don’t need to pay to get the premium themes because all of them are free and unlocked.

Scan Contacts for Trust

You already know about the social media platform where all types of people perform different tasks in their daily routine but in which some are scammers that do scams with other people. Threema APK has the solution to knowing about the scammer. Trust rate is the newest feature of this app where every person can submit the profile of others to check the spam score.

This will protect you from scammers and you deal with the other person trustfully. Otherwise, spam scores are mentioned on all the profiles by the app. If every person has a spam score of less than 10% then the person is trusted.

Secure Voices & Video Calls

Keep Secure your voice and video call of every contact from hackers, corporations,s and governments. Join the business meeting personally through private live video calls. An authorized person can access the video call and no any outsider can see your video discussion. Moreover, send the voices to your contact without any security restrictions. Your text voice messages and videos call will be safe from outside users. Only those people who can see or access your data have your fingerprint key.


Access Data through the Fingerprint Key

In this digital era users have the ability to access the data and join meetings through the fingerprint key. Each video or data has a unique fingerprint key that is the protector of your content. Any person can join your meeting through this key. Threema APK has a feature where you will add the fingerprint key and access data easily. Each video call makes a unique key and expires when the meeting ends. Conduct more meetings and generate more unique keys for the users.

Actually, a User can join meetings through a URL that redirects to your meeting and join the users but in this case, if any person wants to join a video call with a fingerprint key then you get a notification with the client ID. When you approve the ID then another person can able to watch a live video call full of security.

Create Polls & Much More

Create Polls and share the contacts and get the expression of opinion. You will create the poll table where the space to add unlimited polls. Furthermore, you can customize each poll properly with different colors, text, and font styles.

Key Features

  • It allows users to send messages and data to another contact anonymously without any restriction.
  • Don’t need to verify the Identity such as Phone number and Email.
  • Only the sender and recipient of a message can view the contents due to end-to-end encryption.
  • Allows the users to create private groups and add a contact to scan QR codes.
  • Threema does not collect any metadata from its users, such as contact lists, IP addresses, device information, etc.
  • You can use Threema APK for free with the premium features and unlocked items.
  • Use the special agree/disagree feature to secretly and quickly respond.
  • Send any file type (pdf animated gif, mp3, doc, zip, etc.)

FAQs of Threema

Is Threema APK Secure Messanger APP?

Yes, it is a secure app to share and receive messages from one user to another user with full of privacy.

How Can I Get Threema Free with Paid Features?

You can get threema APK free with the paid features from our website because we provide MOD APK files that contain all the premium subscription and unlocked paid features

Can I back up the deleted Messages?

Yes, restore and backup features are available in this app that you can use to restore the deleted data.

Final Verdicts

Threema APK is the world best ever private messaging app where you can create an account without entering your personal information and it provides end-to-end encryption with anonymous chats.