Arceus X APK v3 2.1.4 Download Free (Roblox MOD Menu)

Arceus X APK v3 2.1.4 Download Free (Roblox MOD Menu)
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Arceus X APK is an Online MOD Creator gaming Platform for Android users where the players can play different games to add their own scripts (Additional Features) with a lot of amazing tasks. Arceus X is the Free Roblox MOD Menu where you can create your own scripts according to your interests and put the scripts in the coding of the games.

Those Games created and edited by Arceus X are also called mod games that most people download from different websites but, you don’t need to visit similar websites to download the mod games because, after the installation of the Roblox Mod menu and Arceus X script, you will able to create your own games and edit the games your need. There are a lot of features of Arceus x APK that are totally free for all users and without any advertisements.

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You can increase the speed of the games and perform some changes that are suitable for you and other players because you can share the Modded games in the APK file with your Friends and social media.  Download Arceus X from with a very attractive and User-friendly interface.


Arceus X MOD APK is the modded version of this App which includes additional features and a lot of Amazing games. It is not only a mod menu(Edit Games) platform rather, you can also play your own created games with the use of this. During playing the games, if you feel boredom playing with the old features then you have the ability to Edit the games and add new scripts according to your interests. You can play the games in a variety of genres such as Action, Adventure, Shooting Cars, etc. Arceus X APK has the new built-in features of a game box where there are almost 100 + games for playing the players.


Roblox MOD Menu is the Latest Edition of the Arceus X App where you have two opportunities, the first is to edit and play the different games and the other is to play the games in the best-ever categories on the game box. It is the only app that provides its users a chance to play the games in the game box.

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arceus x mod

You can edit all the game box games with the help of amazing tricks. It is a paid app that charges money to edit the games but doesn’t worry, you can download and use the Roblox mod menu for free with all the premium features.

Tips & Tricks to Create Mod Games

We provide you the different and easiest tips and tricks to create a mod game with the use of Android and IOS devices and with the help of the Arceus X Roblox Mod menu. Follow the tips & Tricks to Edit the games:

Tips to Create a Mod Games with Arceus X APK

  1. Install the games on your Devices that you want to make modded.
  2. Definitely, You will install the Arceus X which is a big Source to Edit games.
  3. Open the App and Select the Game that you want to edit.
  4. It will show you all the coding schemes of the games with UI Interface.
  5. If you already have knowledge of coding then you will enhance the game easily.
  6. Otherwise, the Premium Version of the Arceus X App provides their users to edit the games without coding.
  7. It will make the Roblox Mod Menu Easiest to Make Drag & Drop off the items.
  8. It will show you all the features with the names and provide you the additional features with the suggestion.
  9. You can select and remove any feature to add new features.
  10. You can Create your own script and story of the game to drag & drops the items.
  11. You will get all the suggestions while the creation of the game.
  12. And at the last when the game will be done, Export the new APK file on your device’s store ad replace them with the original.
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Tricks to Edit the Games with Roblox Mod Menu

  • The First Trick is to Remove the Ads from the games because ads will disturb you while playing the games. When you will open the portal of the games in the Arceus X APK then you need to find the display setting and select the advertisement’s options. If you remove them, then all the ads will remove and you will get the benefit from the ads to place your ads instead of the original game creators and share them with your friends, relatives, and social media to earn money.
  • The other beneficial trick is to add cheats to the games. But, it is a very difficult task because only programmers and those people who have some knowledge about coding can do it. But, it is a beneficial trick for the players.

Key Features of Arceus X APK

  • Players Cheating and Amazing Scripts
  • Interesting Additional Features
  • Create Your Own Scripts
  • Create Your Own Games
  • Change the Games Logo and Name
  • Customize the User Interface of the games
  • Infinite Resources(Game Scrips & items)
  • Server-to-Server Tracking
  • Different Tools(B-Tools, H-Tools, Games Hub Tools)
  • Different Modes(Ghost Mode, Night Mode, Casino Mode, Snake Mode)
  • Script Extender and General setting support
  • Air Walk, Escape Prison, Teleport, and Respawn light
  • Anti Rogdall and Super Push, etc
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FAQs of Arceus x apk

Is Arceus X for IOS?

Yes, you can use the Arceus X on both Android & IOS Devices. Now, you can edit the games on your Apple IOS devices.

IS Arceus X APK Lightweight or Highweigh App?

Arceus X is a free lightweight app that you can use on your Android 6.0 plus devices. Don’t Worry Apktyre provides you always the lightweight apps and games that you can use on your devices and are safe & Secure from viruses.

What is the Look of Arceus X Roblox Script?

Very Difficult Look at the scripts of the arceus x APK because all the scripts are in the coding forms. But, in the premium features, you will get drag-and-drop items that will make it easy for everyone.

How to Download & Install Arceus X MOD APK?

  • First, Find Your Favorite APP & Games in the search bar of this website.
  • Click to Open the app and games and go to Download Buttons.
  • Open the Download Buttons and Redirects to the Download Links
  • After Completing the downloading, Install the App and Games on your Android & IOS Devices.
  • Just Access all the permissions for the Storage.

Final Verdicts

Arceus X APK Roblox Mod menu is a cheat menu that allows you to modify your game character and your game environment. With this menu, you can add new features and abilities to your game character, or change the game environment to your liking. The Arceus X Roblox Mod menu is a great tool for players who want to customize their game experience.

The menu provides a wealth of options for players to customize their game, including changing the game’s music, graphics, and even game rules. The Arceus X APK is a must-have for any player who wants to make their game unique and special.