Youtube Revanced Manager APK v1.3.0 MOD Free Download For Android

Youtube Revanced Manager APK v1.3.0 MOD Free Download For Android
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Experience YouTube channel management like never before with YouTube Revanced Manager APK (YTM). This powerful tool offers advanced analytics, audience insights, and performance-tracking capabilities to empower content creators, marketers, and channel owners. Dive into data, understand your audience, and make informed decisions to elevate your channel’s success. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to YouTube domination with YouTube Revanced Manager.

Overview of Revanced Manager

Revanced Manager APK is the Free Youtube Patches App for that person without access to the premium features and subscriptions of youtube. Every day, billions of people access youtube but in which most people use free youtube features that may not provide exciting features. Revanced Manager APK MOD is the Free Patcher for youtube and other social media platforms where the users can unlock all the premium features and free subscriptions.

Revanced Manager APK

Free Vanced Patcher for Social Media

Most people use Revanced Manager APK to get premium access to youtube but don’t know anyone about its features that may help the users unlock all the social media premium subscriptions. You can use this app to patch Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and many more that require premium features.

Revanced Manager for Premium & Entertainment Apps

It is not suitable for all social media apps but it also provides users to patch entertainment apps such as Netflix, Spotify Premium, Eros Now, Amazon Prime Video, and most of the premium apps that required a subscription. Some People want to use the Netflix premium features for free but the price is very high and most people can’t afford Netflix.

Revanced Manager APK MOD

For this, you can use revanced manager apk to use the premium features of Netflix and other entertainment apps. You can use this App only to get the premium Features of App but if you want to get the patcher for Games then Arceus X APK is the best option for you to get the Premium and unlimited Features of all games.

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Features of Revanced Manager APK

There are some premium features of this app that you will get only in Revanced Manager MOD APK because it is the premium Patcher app but, we provide you the Modded version of this app that contains Premium Features and is Safe from all Viruses and restrictions. Some Features are as follows:

Repair Broken Features

You can repair broken features of the desired app that you already used on your Android devices. If you don’t update the apps then some features are broken and don’t provide you access of using all the features. When you patched the app the revanced manager apk will automatically remove all the bugs of the app and repair all the broken features and provides you premium access to the app.

Some Branding Customization

There are many alternatives to revanced manager apk but in which any don’t provide their users to do some branding customization. If you use this Premium Patcher then you have the ability to customize your app and you can also add the latest feature in the form of a script.

Change the App Color, Logo, and UI Interface with the use of this gorgeous app with numerous amazing features. When you uninstall this app, then your all customization will reverse and back into its original form.

Patch to Remove Ads

When you are using the free version of the app then ads will disturb your watching experience and get a bad impression. But, Don’t worry, You can remove all types of Ads include Video, Popunder, and Diasplay from the apps with the help of Revanced Manager Apk on your Android device without any security issues.

Revanced Manager MOD APK

Hide Reels Option From Youtube

There are many people who like to watch the reels in their free time but most of them don’t like these features. If you don’t like the reels option on Youtube then you have the ability to remove/hide the reels option from youtube with revanced manager on your Android devices.

Recommend For Youtube

Revanced Manager is only developed for the youtube patcher but after time it contains more features added by the developer but all the features get the premium subscription. Our team has removed all the premium features and provided the user with to access the premium features without any cost.

We recommend you use this app only for youtube patches because it is easy otherwise, it depends on you. You will not get any security issues after applying the patches.

Key Features

  • To access some features, users must have an active license or subscription. Bypassing these license verification using Revanced Manager APK, users are able to use these features without paying a fee.
  • It allows users to customize the look and feel of other apps by changing themes, colors, or other design elements.
  • Download Youtube Video and Hide Watermarks.
  • Enable tapping on the YouTube player’s seek bar and display the premium branding on the homepage of YouTube.
  • Disable the comments panel in fullscreen mode and enable the flyout menu’s original quality.

FAQs of revanved manager apk

How to Do Patch on Youtube?

Here are Some Steps that you can follow and patch on YouTube.
1. Install the Revanced Manager APK On Your Android Devices.
2. Install the Youtube and Other apps that you want to Patch.
3. Open the Patcher App and Allow all permission.
4. It will show you the installed App. You just need to Select Youtube for patching.
5. It will take some time and provides you with the Youtube patched App.
6. Now, you are able to use the premium features of Youtube and another app that you want to do.
7. You are able to use this app’s Premium Feature.

What is Revanced Manager MOD APK?

Revanced Manager MOD APK is the Free Modified Version of the Premium app that contains additional features to increase the user experience. It is better than Youtube Vanced Manager.

Is this App Totally Free for all the Users?

Yes, it is an app totally free for all Android users. You can download the Premium Version of this APP free of cost from and get amazing additional features.

Is a Root Device Required to use this APP?

No, It is not required to use this app on your Android devices, You can use this gorgeous app on all Android 9.0+ devices.

Final Verdicts

Revanced Manager APK is the Free Patcher that allows the users to patch the youtube files and other premium apps files that may require premium subscription and features. You can use this app to unlock the premium subscription to youtube and can get the free premium features free of cost.

It is the Not Very Difficult app rather you can use this app easily to read the guidance of this app. If you have any questions or queries about this app then you will comment to us.