Real Snooker 3D APK v1.24 MOD Download Free for Android

Real Snooker 3D APK v1.24 MOD Download Free for Android
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Real Snooker 3D APK is a 3D Billiards and casual game for Android users that the players can play with their friends and compete with each other online on beautiful tables and with amazing sticks. It is a single-player game that you can play offline and online in your free time and improve your billiard skills.

Real Snooker 3D APK

Play Online Games with Friends

Play online games with your friends in the different modes against the AI players. When you play this game offline then you will play the game with the AI players otherwise, online play with your friends and family.

You can begin playing Real Snooker 3D APK with your pals as soon as everyone has logged into the game lobby. To take turns, pot balls, and get points, stick to the game’s controls and rules. Typically, voice chat or in-game chat capabilities let you talk to your buddies.

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10 Characters to Choose From

10 Characters to choose from the Real Snooker 3D APK Game. All the players have different abilities and playing skills to play the snooker game to choose the different characters. You can choose any character in the game and customize your identity.

real snooker 3d MOD APK

Furthermore, You have the ability to customize your chosen characters with different colors of hairstyles and different costumes designed with your profile name. It is the feature that will print your name on your selected player costume for uniqueness.

AI Difficulty Levels

Real Snooker 3D APK is fully Designed with AI Levels in which some of the levels are very difficult and some are easy to play and win the game. Built-in AI, provides the players to play the levels with AI Bots offline.

When you play the game at the beginning then you will get some guidance and information about gameplay. It provides the players to play the suggestion and the different tricks to complete the AI difficulty levels.

Different Colours of Tables & Patterns

Each of the billiard and snooker games required a table and pattern to play the game online. 100+ Tables of different varieties and sizes you will explore in this exciting game. In a realistic 3D environment, you can experience the thrill of playing on tables with various colors and patterns. Attempt to master the game by selecting one of the several tables, each with its own special color and design. The tables are available in a variety of colors, including conventional green, vivid blue, deep red, and others.

Real Snooker 3d Gameplay

Additionally, each table has a distinctive pattern that might range from contemporary artwork to classic textile patterns, giving the game more visual appeal.

Realistic Physics

A realistic physics engine is often present in the game, simulating the movements, collisions, and spins of the balls as they move over the table. To make precise shots and place the balls strategically, players must comprehend and put to use the mechanics of snooker.

Various Game Modes

Real Snooker 3D APK Includes three interesting Modes:

Single-player Mode: Players can practice their skills or challenge computer opponents at various difficulty levels.

Multiplayer Mode: Players can compete against friends or players from around the world in real-time matches.

Tournaments Mode: Tournament mode allows players to participate in prestigious Snooker tournaments and climb up the ranks to become a champion.

Real Snooker 3d APK Download

Key Features

  • The game often features top-notch 3D graphics that produce a realistic and engaging snooker scene, complete with realistic tables, balls, cues, and animations.
  • Real Snooker 3D Game typically features a realistic physics engine that simulates the behavior of balls on the table.
  • Snooker is a game of strategy, and Real Snooker 3D APK Game typically offers strategic gameplay elements.
  • As players progress in the game and win matches, they can typically unlock new tables, cues, and other customization options.

FAQS of Real Snooker 3D APK

How do I Play Real Snooker 3D APK?

In order to play Real Snooker 3D APK hit the colored balls into the pockets in accordance with the game’s regulations. In order to outscore your opponent, you can also apply tactical strategies like ball positioning and safety shots.

Can I Customize My Cue in Real Snooker 3D?

Yes, you may customize your cues in Real Snooker 3D by selecting from a range of cues with various characteristics like length, weight, and tip type.

Can I unlock new tables and cues in this game?

You don’t need to unlock the table and cues in this game because Real Snooker 3D has all the unlocked features and resources.

Is there a tutorial or practice mode Real Snooker 3D MOD APK?

Yes, Real Snooker 3D APK might have a tutorial or practice mode to aid players in understanding the game’s mechanics, honing their skills, and learning the snooker rules. Due to this, both new and seasoned players can enjoy the game.


Real Snooker 3D APK is an engrossing and realistic game that provides a true Snooker experience in a digital setting. Players may experience the thrill of playing Snooker on mobile devices courtesy of its realistic graphics, physics, and gaming mechanics.

It is a game that may engage you for hours and test your skills on the virtual snooker table whether you are a casual player or a serious Snooker fan.