Bluecord APK v2.3 MOD [Discord Chatting] Download Free For Android

Bluecord APK v2.3 MOD [Discord Chatting] Download Free For Android
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Make your new communities and eliminate every problem through the Discord community. Bluecord APK is a free instant messaging social media platform for talking, chatting, and hangouts. It is your place to hang out with friends and communities where thousands of people can join and share their daily activities for fun.

Many users of Discord use it for private and public communication. Like Bluecord, the latest Edition of Discord includes extra features and everything free of cost. Users can use it for free with the Additional mod features. Bluecord apk has many exciting features that are not in the Discord app. For this, people come to use this app instead of Discord.

bluecord apk

If you are a new user of Discord then I suggest you use bluecord APK, which is also like the predefined and predesigned version that includes many other things which are not on the other messaging app. You can download bluecord apk from, which allows users to download all the premium apps free of cost.

Features of Blue cord APK

Share your Photos & Videos

User can share their photos and videos on the Bluecord app and get likes and followers on their profile quickly. It is a social media platform where you can transfer almost all kinds of content to the public. Mostly People also share their thoughts and ideas and discuss everything with the multitude of Bluecord. While Uploading, you can add captions and hashtags and write descriptions of your videos and photos. Not only share simple images, but you can also share PDF Files, .txt files, .exe files, and many more through the modded version of Discord.

Discord Messenger for Chatting

You can do public and private chats with your friends, community members, and others. Bluecord APK has a built-in messenger that allows users to message through text, emojis, stickers,s, and GIFs. While Chatting, you can also use these items to enhance your chat. Moreover, there are many font styles and text colors that you can use according to your interest. It includes all the messenger features that are in the Discord app.

Create a Community with Proper Identity

Bluecord App allows users to create their community. You can add many people to the community and provides the name of each community for identification. Make Sure that identity is important for you and the community member. Every other member can join the community and do and get from the other members.

In the community, everyone shares their ideas, thoughts, and question. All the other members can be able to help them to write the answer to the desired query. Anyone who needs help can report their problem and get instant help from the other users.

Make a Video Call For Meeting

Many businessmen and other workers use this app for their meetings. It is a free app and provides high security, and many people don’t know about this feature. At a time, thousand people can connect in the meeting with proper video conference calls. You can also record the videos of your meeting and share them with the other person. Bluecord APK users can download their videos in HD quality and different video formats. You can get what you want for your business.

Open Source Customization

BlueCord APK has many features, but Open source customization is different and exceptional from the others. You have already used many apps without any app that provides access to customize the color schemes, themes, and logo. This App provides you with this feature; you can customize and change the symbol of the app and change the theme of the app. There are many themes for the user, and if you feel boredom with using a piece then you can use the hook easily. In simple words, you can only customize the CSS of this app and don’t make changes in JavaScript.

download bluecord mod

Discord Blue cord Server

Bluecord APK is the MOD Version of Discord. It Includes some additional features and unlocked resources but works with the same discord server. All the servers that are connected with this app of sources. According to the discord, you are using the original app, but we know we are using the modified version for user retention.

Emote Mode

Emote mode ensures your privacy through chatting. It automatically removes messages from your profile that could contain harassing, adult, and pornographic content. It helps you remove all the illegal and banned content that does not reach your profile. When you open this option, it auto-removes all the adult and illegal content in the community and groups and the admin gets a notification on every activity. You can allow this content by closing this option.

Key Features of Bluecord APK

  • Account Switcher – Allows the users to switch multiple accounts in one device.
  • Revert Blurple Colour – If enabled this open then bluecord will use the old color before rebranding.
  • Collection of Themes, Font Styles, and Colors for Customization.
  • You can also lock Emotes mode and Open Nitro Spoof in different sizes and even old versions.
  • You can Remove the Size parameter from the Image URL while uploading.
  • Join more than 200 servers globally to express your views.
  • Without encountering any issues, stream HD videos.
  • Create Unlimited Numbers of Rooms and Discuss Everything.

FAQs of Bluecord Discord APK

Can I get the backup of My Lost Data in Bluecord?

Yes, you can backup and restore all your data from this app with the integration of Gmail. For Backup, connect with Gmail; all your data will be saved and updated daily in your Gmail account.

Is Registration Required?

Yes, Registration is required to use this app. You can sign up with your email, phone number, and other personal details you will add during registration.

Can a mature 12-year-old use Bluecord?

Due to its open discussion, Common Sense Media advises that Discord members be at least 13 years old. Every teenage student can use this app without any problem.


The Volp Messaging app is suitable for those involved in businesses and gaining information. Most Bluecord user belongs to countries abroad, and it is the only place where everyone can share their queries and get instant solution from other users. It is actually like a community where everyone helps each other. You can use this app and solve all your questions. If you have any questions about this app, please get in touch with us. We will try to notify you as soon as possible.