Download Being A Dik APK v3.1.3 MOD (Unlocked Seasons)

Download Being A Dik APK v3.1.3 MOD (Unlocked Seasons)
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Download all seasons of Being a dik apk with the mod features in free of cost. Being a Dik APK is an adult 18+ video game for Android users that allow the players to enjoy the novel-written game. It is the Role Playing game where your characters will get an education at the Burgemeister and Royce Universities but take interested in extracurricular activities and girls instead of studies.

You can do anything in universities even make a relationship with women and involve in sex and romance. You can download the latest version of this Android game from with modified features to increase the player’s excitement and joy.

Story & Gameplay

Being a Dik is part of the adult novel and the mission and whole story depend on the realistic story of the novel. The Novel has released 3 Seasons in which the same character play their game roles. It is the story of the boy who got admission to the Burgemeister and Royace University and he was a very kind person and intelligent and used to avoid taking part in frivolous activities in the earlier days of university life.

The boy’s life was radically altered by his arrival at this university, which thrust him into a world fraught with war and marked the start of the Delta Lota Kappa club’s beginning. He was a very poor student and his mother died at an earlier age. But, the university changed his whole life. He was involved in sex and romance with women and female classmates.

being a dik mod apk

In this Gameplay, you will play being a dik apk as the character of the boy who has lost his way. There are some changes that occur in the game but the story depends on the life of the boy. At the beginning of the game, you will play the game at the University of Burmeister and Royace and you will set the name of your character for identification.

You will play the game Mission as the season episodes such as seasons 1 & 2 contain 16 episodes and every 8 episodes and you will play being a dik season of missions and all levels contain realistic life of the university. The effective use of 3DCG graphics, clear images, nonlinear events, user engagement in plot development, and other aspects will appeal to the 18+Players.

The player’s choices have a big influence on the game’s plot, which covers topics like love, friendship, and betrayal. The characters are well realized and each has a distinct personality and set of goals. You will play the game to make billionaire and celebrity achieve their targets and goals.

Features of Being a Dik APK

You will explore the modded features and premium features in the modified version of the game is also called “Being a dik mod apk”. We discuss the feature that you use while playing the game and beneficial for you or not.

Being a dik mod apk download

Rewind Function

Rewind Function helps the player to rewind the mission of the game and change the ending. Your player will make a celebrity and involves in the making of romantic scenes but sometimes, it never makes perfect, so it is a beneficial feature for you to reshoot the scenes.

Skip boring Missions

If you are getting bored while playing the mission and you do not complete then skip the mission and reach the next in being a dik mod apk game. All the levels are unlocked and you can play directly any level according to your interest. But, I recommend you complete the mission one by one instead on skip any other.

Season 4 Coming Out

If you download the Being a Dik apk from our website then you will get the mission and story that includes all the seasons (1, 2, 3 & 4). The interactive features and levels of season 4 are coming out that you can play in this game because it is the combination of all the seasons of the novels. It is a novel-based game and if you know of each novel update then the game will auto-update.

360 Animated Characters

360 Animated characters are available in the university in which some of your friends and some enemies don’t look at you with the girls and beautiful women. For this, they will try to beat you and stop you to reach the next level. They will try to lose your university to spread your secrets from the girls and complaint to the uni-principal.

being a dik apk mod

5 Interesting endings

5 interesting and amazing endings for each of the levels that you play and complete in the being a dik mod apk. All the endings are unlocked and if you don’t like the ending of any levels then you have the ability to use the rewind feature and go back to the mission and change the ending for getting the new point and money.

Guide character through typewriting

You can guide your character by typewriting the text on the screen and the character follows your instruction and does the work. It is a feature that is only in this game. If you don’t like to play with typewriting then you can change the control into a button from the settings.

Developers Review:

The developers behind “Being a Dik” have showcased their talent, creativity, and passion for game development. Through their exceptional storytelling, stunning visuals, engaging gameplay mechanics, and technical expertise, they have created an immersive gaming experience that captivates players. “Being a Dik” stands as a testament to the developers’ commitment to crafting an unforgettable journey for gamers worldwide.

FAQs of Being A DIK APK

Is Being a dik mod apk updated version?

Yes, You will download the updated version of the game with mod features. If any new update occurs then your game will auto-update and you can explore the new features.

Is this Game Suitable for children?

No, it is not suitable for children because it is an 18+ video game that may contain sex and nudity. It is suitable for those over the age of 18 years and above.

How to Download & Install Being a Dik APK?

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Being a dik apk is a lot more than merely a game; it’s an immersive experience that blends engrossing narrative, gorgeous visuals, and fun gameplay elements. The visual aesthetics of the game are a visual treat. The attention to detail in character designs, environments, and overall art style creates a visually stunning world in that players can fully immerse themselves.

User Reviews

  1. Review by GamerGal27:
    “Being a Dik” is an absolute masterpiece! The storyline had me hooked right from the start. The characters are so well-developed and relatable, making it feel like I was a part of their world. The graphics are stunning, and the attention to detail is remarkable. The choices I made had a real impact on the outcome, making each playthrough unique and exciting. This game is a must-play for anyone who enjoys immersive storytelling and unforgettable gaming experiences!
  2. Review by GameMasterPro:
    I can’t stop raving about this game. The developers have truly outdone themselves with this game. The gameplay mechanics are smooth, and the interface is user-friendly. The graphics are breathtaking, with beautifully rendered environments and realistic character designs. The storyline is captivating, and the choices I made kept me on the edge of my seat. It’s evident that the developers poured their heart and soul into this game. It’s an absolute gem in the gaming world!
  3. Review by AdventureSeeker99:
    Being a dik APK exceeded all my expectations! The developers have created a world that draws you in and makes you emotionally invested. The voice acting is top-notch, bringing the characters to life with their authentic performances. The attention to detail is impressive, from the intricate dialogue options to the branching storylines. I found myself replaying the game multiple times just to explore different outcomes. But, I don’t like the User Interface.
  4. Review by GamingEnthusiast23:
    It is a game that has completely captivated me. The developers have managed to strike the perfect balance between gameplay and storytelling. The choices I made felt meaningful and had consequences that impacted the overall narrative. The graphics are stunning, with beautifully crafted environments and character designs. The attention to detail in the animations and facial expressions is remarkable. It’s a game that keeps you engaged from start to finish, leaving you craving for more!