WhatsApp Blue Plus APK v9.72 Download Free (Premium Features)

WhatsApp Blue Plus APK v9.72 Download Free (Premium Features)
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WhatsApp is the most popular communication app in the world used by Millions of People but every other user wants to get more features with the latest themes and Amazing UI Interface. For this, Whatsapp Blue Plus is the best for you because it is the modified version of the original Whatsapp which includes additional and interesting features. In this Whatsapp, you will explore the premium features that are available in paid social media apps but the blue Whatsapp apk provides you free of cost if you download it from Apktyre.com.

Whatsapp Blue Plus APK

Overview of Whatsapp Blue Plus

It is an app similar to the original WhatsApp that you can use to communicate with your friends, family members, and many more to save their numbers on your Android devices. People can use blue whatsapp just like the other WhatsApp but it has an additional feature that increases the User experience.

It provides all those features that do not have any other free messenger WhatsApp and Business WhatsApp. It is also known as Hybrid WhatsApp which is a combination of GB Whatsapp, Business Whatsapp, and Whatsapp Messenger. But, it has a blue attractive interface from all the others and contains extra features so, it is called WhatsApp blue plus.

Use WhatsApp blue plus apk on your Android devices and use the extra features that help the users to do unusual activities. They can hide the last scene, and blue ticks, and change the theme, customize the font style, and active airplane mode, etc.

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Features of WhatsApp Blue Plus APK

Whatsapp Blue Plus APK is the modified version of the original WhatsApp that contain extra feature and provides a blue interface for attractiveness and it can also contain a premium feature that does not have the others. Here, the feature of this WhatsApp follows:

Customize Whatsapp Themes

If you are not like the default theme then you have the option to customize the theme. It has a collection of themes that you can use to set up WhatsApp and customize it according to your interest. All the Themes have different and amazing looks and totally free for the blue WhatsApp users.

Whatsapp Blue Plus Themes

Just Go to the setting and select the themes option to reach the themes store. Select your Favorite themes that you want to use. Click to Download and Install the themes and customize them to set on your WhatsApp.

Change Font Styles

Change the WhatsApp messaging font styles during the customization of themes. It has 1000+ Fonts Styles that you can adjust in your writing text. Every type of font style in a different type of text you will get into the WhatsApp app.

Moreover, you can change the color of the text. Some colors suggest the font styles but if you don’t like in which anyone then you can adjust your color by the color board.

Hide Online Status

Whatsapp blue apk has an additional feature that helps the users to hide their online status. Whatsapp Shows the Online status when you use WhatsApp or your mobile connected to the Internet.

But, if you use blue whatsapp then you can hide your online status and not anyone shows you are online or offline. You will show always offline when you use this feature and don’t anyone will message you.

Hide Blue Ticks

When you read the message of the sender then the sender can see you read it with the bits of help of a blue tick. In all WhatsApp, if anyone read the message then the message shows blue ticks to the senders.

If you are using WhatsApp Blue Plus then not any sender can see if you read it or not. Because it has the feature of hiding blue ticks which helps WhatsApp users to hide blue ticks from the senders. They don’t know, the receiver reads their messages or not.

Freeze Last Scene

This feature is related to the hide online status but has some changes. If you are online at the exact interval of time and use the freeze-last-scene feature then your online time still pauses.

Your every contact see your last scene at a past time. Users can use this feature in the form of a Button that they will find in the setting. Just press and stop your last scene. It will remain to continue when you are off the button.

Blue Whatsapp APK

Whatsapp Status Saver & Downloader

Whatsapp Blue Plus has an additional and modified feature that is a WhatsApp status saver and downloader. Mostly people search for whatsapp status downloaders on Google and visit different websites which require an internet connection.

If you are a WhatsApp user and want to download the status then use the blue Whatsapp apk because it contains the built-in status saver and downloader. You don’t need to visit different websites and does not require an internet connection. Just WhatsApp package for using WhatsApp.

Just Play the status that you want to download and it shows you the download button. Press the button to start downloading and save it into your mobile gallery.

Auto Reply

Sometimes, you are not free and anyone sends you a message and you don’t able to reply to them. In this case, WhatsApp blue plus help you to reply to them. It has an interesting feature which is Auto Replier.

Just Open the Auto-reply option and Write the text message that you want to send anyone who messages you. For Example, if you write “I’m Bust and Contact you soon” this message will auto-send to the people who message you.

Enhanced Media Sharing

The data-sending capacity of your WhatsApp will enhance in WhatsApp blue plus. It will enhance your sharing limit of data up to 7x. Another WhatsApp sending limit is 100MB but if you use this you will get sending limit of 700MB.

Moreover, you can share 1000 Images at the same time without any restrictions. You can share audio, videos, zip, and images file on WhatsApp.

Create Groups

You can create unlimited groups in WhatsApp blue plus and add 5000 members to one group. All the other WhatsApp support 20 groups and each group may contain max 1000 members but it provides you a 5x offer that does not have any other WhatsApp.

Even GB Whatsapp contains 50 Groups and max 2000 members. You can add people and chat with each other. You can make the admin of any person that you want and remove any person from the group without permission.

Backup & Restore

Sometimes, your WhatsApp will be deleted and you lost the data. In this case, WhatsApp blue plus also helps the user to back up and restore data options.

It auto-saves your all data temporarily in your mobile storage. If you lost your WhatsApp just again sign in and click on the Backup and Restore option to backup your data with the history.

Security and privacy

Security and Privacy are both important things for any person in their lives. With the same, the security and privacy of personal data are very important. Whatsapp Blue Plus is suitable for those who save and secure their data.

There are no issues with the banned on WhatsApp because many people rely on the mod version of WhatsApp not being secure and are banned sometimes.

But don’t worry, it has full of security and privacy and doesn’t ban normal use. If you perform some hacking and illegal activities then the chances to ban WhatsApp.

Key Features

  • You can change the Whatsapp Icon on Your Home Screen
  • Use One Click DND Mode
  • Voice Changer – Send voice messages in different voices
  • Separate the section of Chats and Groups
  • Sey Your Profile About with Unlimited text
  • See the deleted messages by the senders
  • Get Update to Follow on Twitter & Telegram
  • Use on Desktop to Use Whatsapp Web Feature
  • Suggest best themes (Already Customized)
  • Messages to Unsaved numbers
  • Attractive Blue Interface
  • Random Video Calls and Chats

FAQs of Whatsapp Blue Plus

What is Blue Whatsapp APK?

WhatsApp Blue is the Latest and Modded version of the Original WhatsApp that contain extra feature and is suitable for all users. And the modified version of WhatsApp that contains exciting and interesting features is called WhatsApp Blue Plus.

Is this Whatsapp Suitable for All Devices?

Yes, you can use Whatsapp Blue Plus on all your Android devices. But, it requires a minimum of 2GB RAM for your mobile.

Can I Unblocked Own in this Whatsapp?

No, you can’t able to unblock yourself in this WhatsApp because it is against the rules and regulations and you never unblocked your own.

How to Download & Install Whatsapp Blue Plus?

  • First, Find Your Favorite APP & Games in the search bar of this website.
  • Click to Open the app and games and go to Download Buttons.
  • Open the Download Buttons and Redirects to the Download Links
  • After Completing the downloading, Install the App and Games on your Android & IOS Devices.
  • Just Access all the permissions for the Storage.


There are many modded Whatsapp but Whatsapp blue plus is best for the other because it has updated features with an attractive blue interface. And the other thing, it is safe & secure and does not have any risk of ban WhatsApp. It is ads Free, UI Interface, and an Updated version. In this Article, we try to provide all information and if something missing then please Apologize. If you have any queries Contact US. We will try to notify you as soon as possible.

Public Reviews:

  • WhatsApp Blue Plus adds a refreshing twist to the standard messaging process. Users can customize the app in a wide variety of ways to fit their interests. It enables a genuinely distinctive messaging interface, with options for changing themes and bubble-style chat.
  • The extensive range of features in Blue WhatsApp improves interactions and makes chats more entertaining. It allows users to schedule messages, access a vast collection of stickers and emojis, and even modify pictures and videos.
  • Blue WhatsApp Plus places a high focus on privacy. The app offers sophisticated privacy controls that let users manage their online presence, hide read receipts, and do other things. Users may feel secure using messaging services through routine security updates.
  • Making the switch to Blue WhatsApp is simple as it offers seamless connectivity with existing WhatsApp accounts. Users may easily transfer chats, contacts, and media files. The app is usable by users of all ages owing to its slick efficiency, clear user interface, and dependable operation.